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Levi Gilbert

Photographer & Videographer

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About Me

Hi, I'm Levi Gilbert. Yes, the Aussie kid whose face is plastered all over this website.

I'm passionate, determined, kind of annoying, but most importantly, I'm a photographer. The constant presence of a backward hat on my head and camera in my hand has almost permanently marked me as a photography nerd.

A few years ago, when I picked up my first camera, I knew I would live the way of the viewfinder. What may look like a hunk of metal and plastic to most people became the way I discovered self-expression, creativity, confidence, and a sense of adventure.

This website is a small step in achieving my dream of becoming a world-class photographer, so I appreciate the support you have already shown just by coming here to my online home!

-Levi Gilbert


I am always amazed by Levi's willingness to exceed expectations at every job. Levi is dedicated to creating in the highest possible quality and this is readily evident in what he delivers

Mark Hemmings, Client

About Me
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